Click the photo to hear from a few CAA community members on their experiences within the program.

Leesa Renee Hall

I was referred to the Coaching As Activism (CAA) program at the right time. 

First, let me say this - I'm not a coach; I'm a writer. I was intrigued with CAA because it aligned with my need to use my influence to advocate for change. I had spent a year waking early to write and although I was writing my truth, I wasn't brave enough to share my words publicly. I knew that my words could help others, yet I wasn't certain that sharing them would do any good.

What stopped me is not understanding what was pouring out of my soul. The words were raw, unlike anything I had written before. I didn't know if what I was doing was a thing. I just knew that my writings were taking on a different tone.

When I saw the language on the information page for CAA, I was intrigued. I had written almost half a million words and spent the time questioning my internal oppression. So, when I saw the words "liberation, justice, healing" on the information page, I knew that being in the program was something I had to do. 

With Andréa's guidance, not only did she help me name the various oppression I had been writing through, but her teachings gave me confidence to finally share some of my writings. I eventually published a blog post on white fragility and spiritual bypassing which went viral. 

As I said before, I'm not a coach; I'm a writer. Andréa's program helped me reframe my writings so I not only shared what was true for me, but that I did so from a place where the reader would be inspired.


Deb Burgard

Andréa Ranae's own profound kindness is apparent in her description of her program, and I think that is why it drew so many curious and wise people together. Learning about social justice and wrestling with the history that we have all inherited can be really fraught, but I felt like people really used the format to stay open and figure out some concrete ways to take action.

I find it helpful to have a structured time to join with other people and keep growing - to let those connections both support the work we are being called to do, and keep me accountable. Feeling grateful.


Heather Waxman

Coaching as Activism is a paradigm-shifting gift to the evolution of humanity. Andréa and her course has taught me that the root of almost every single issue we face in this country and as individuals is systemic oppression. And that it is my job to understand and continue to educate myself on how I perpetuate and participate in that and how I can do better for the collective.

Andréa says, “Activism is not limited to protests and petitions, it's also about how you show up in your everyday life.” To me, Coaching as Activism, is a framework from which I am learning to live my life to be a better everyday humans so I can participate in creating a world where every human can live a liberated everyday life.

Coaching as Activism has opened my eyes and kicked my ass in the best way possible, causing me to look very honestly at how I show up in the world, the privileges and identities I hold, the space I take up and don't take up (and how that effects others), my relationships, my life choices, and my former business. I had to get very honest with myself about the ways in which it was, in fact, ignorantly perpetuating White Supremacy, gender inequality, cultural appropriation, and more. By the end of the course, I had changed and my old world didn’t fit anymore - because I was ready to truly create a new one built through an anti-oppressive lens. As a result, I chose to remove my business from the Internet and start over completely.

Andréa is truly masterful at the art of holding space. It is a large reason why the CAA intensive is so transformational. In each session, I felt simultaneously seen and deeply challenged. The intensive calls energetically ask you to do your absolute personal best and truly show up and take the risks being asked of you in this work.

Ten weeks can change not just your life, but humanity’s, for the better. This journey, to me, is less about your individual transformation and more about changing the false narratives we have bought into so we can then truly create anti-oppressive communities. This course is life-changing. I haven’t even made it through the second half of the material yet. That is how abundant the content is and how deep you can go with it.

If you are willing to apply an anti-oppressive lens to your life (you don’t have to have an online business or any business to take this course), I could not recommend Coaching As Activism and Andréa enough.


Noelle Janka   

Andrea's course couldn't have come at a better time. I coach changemakers with health challenges and I wanted to be able to coach more effectively around the institutional and cultural barriers people face, in addition to personal ones. When I was reading the materials my reaction was frequently "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I found so many frameworks that aligned with what I'd seen and thought and this course gave me the words and tools to communicate more effectively. Andrea's work is unique and vital in this field. I am so grateful for her. 


Naomi Arnold

I highly recommend Coaching As Activism. Andrea has gone above and beyond in the resources that are provided, the support that is given, and the powerful questions that are asked. If you are wanting to learn about oppression and how to do the inner and outer work required to commit to healing, justice and liberation in your life and work - this is the program for you. I got so much out of it the first time, that I look forward to undertaking the program a second time to go even deeper. Thank you Andrea.


Ginger conrad

This space gave me the tools to start the integration of social justice into not just my personal life but expand it to my business, integrate it into my life. Andrea has an amazing gift for holding space, starting and guiding difficult conversations and facilitating growth.


Rachel Adams

I came to this program with the desire to learn about intentional activism, specifically in regard to how to make my workspace more liberatory. In this regard, CAA is the ideal program: Andréa's dedicated leadership and guidance combined with her selection of resources and thoughtful prompts have transformed the way I approach my work as an educator and the way I move through the world. I will recommend this program to those who are ready to commit, dig deep, and make change.


Miranda Wildman 

Engaging with Coaching As Activism and Andrea's multitude of resources has opened my eyes wide to systemic racism and the ways in which I can be a part in acting to break down these systems by making connections with people of color that are not simply transactional, but true & deep connections that cultivate creativity, conversation and experience that benefit all of us.


Layla Saad

Andréa's Coaching As Activism course was one of my favourite investments of 2017. It went above and beyond what I was hoping it would be. I was looking for a course that could help me find the missing pieces between my work as a mentor and my deep interest in issues of social justice. I was also looking for a place to do my personal work of understanding and healing my own internalised oppression, and understand the history and background of the current social issues we are facing. Andrea delivered all of this and more. I highly recommend this work to anyone in the personal development field.


Julie Parker

I was inspired to undertake Andrea's Coaching as Activism course after beginning to follow her on social media. I was learning so much from her in that way that that I knew this was the next step to developing a greater understanding and action plan relating to social justice matters. 

The CAA course was life and business changing for me in so many ways. It has changed my coach training and the way I personally show up in the world for the better. I cannot recommend it or Andrea highly enough. 


Stephanie Sheldon

Coaching as Activism was an experience that offered me accountability, vulnerability and perspective. As a white woman, I've often struggled with finding my voice, and finding my footing in my next steps as someone who is not contributing to unjust structures. This program taught me to be less centered on myself, which was an obvious and necessary step for me to take. It spurred my desire to stop worrying about my own insecurity and instead begin the journey to step out of my own privilege.