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Is this like Activism 101? I have some knowledge of racism, sexism and other injustices in our world, but I'm not up to date on the lingo... 


Is this like Activism 101? I already understand a lot about oppression and social justice... 

This program is open to all no matter what level of understanding you have on these topics. This program takes a different approach to "activism" than what is often shown in popular culture. In this we're taking an approach of seeing your work and life as your activism and your contribution to our collective liberation (whatever that may look like). This program will not teach you how to protest or organize your community effectively but this program will provide support, insight and resources to help you not only change lives, but change cultures and systems as well through the way you show up.

So yes and no. The content of this program does contain some basic social justice education AND the purpose of the program is to not only get a better grasp of those topics but to also be able to take it deeper by connecting the dots between oppression, liberation and your work. It's one thing to know; it's another to live out and embody what you know.

I'm not a coach or healer, but I'm interested – should I join? 

YES. Coaching as Activism is geared toward leaders within the Coaching/Wellness Industries. If that doesn't vibe with you, but you are doing transformative work with individuals, groups or communities, you'll definitely find a ton of value in the program.

Can I get a refund?

Generally, the answer to this question is NO.

If you join Coaching as Activism and you're unsatisfied or it's not quite what you're looking for, you can end your subscription any time by going to a recent notification email via Moonclerk and clicking the link that allows you to manage your plan.

If you'd like a refund for any other reason, (for example: "I just realized I needed that money for something else," "Something came up that will keep me from being able to put time into this program," "My intuition is telling me this isn't a good fit," "I thought this would be something it wasn't," "I'm offended by the content of this program and would like my money back," "The cow jumped over the moon and took my wallet with it," etc.), you won't be getting a refund. 

When I sign up, am I committing to a year?

Yes. Joining CAA includes a 12 month commitment to yourself and the community. Relationships and community sit at the center of everything we’re working on in CAA because the only way to get free collectively is together. So to support you and the community as a whole, it’s a requirement that you commit to participating for a full year.

Of course, life happens, so should you need to end your participation in CAA before completing your 12 months for medical or financial reasons, there’s a relational exit process that you’d need to initiate in order to make that happen.

Speaking of time, how much of it do you think I should put aside to dig into this?

Getting the most out of this program requires deep engagement and the amount of time you can expect to participate is dependent on many things including who you are, how you process information, what you're already coming into CAA with and how much time you have available to you. So there's no definite answer for this, but I definitely encourage to intentionally set aside time to focus on the program each week or so. With Coaching as Activism being mostly self led, you’ve got to be clear on what you need to do to get what you want out of the program. There is no "right" way or pace to move through the content – take as much time as you need – but consistency and commitment will support you!


When are the Community Calls and Trainings?

All calls are held throughout the month on Wednesdays. You will get the full schedule when you join Coaching as Activism!

What are the Community Calls like?

The Community Calls are always started with individual check-ins with the group and then move into the rest of the call (which is largely led by the questions, challenges and experiences your bring to the call and wish to unpack). This could look like: discussion/dialogue on the implications of the content on your work/life, storytelling of personal experiences, getting support around a specific topic or situation. These calls are about building community, holding ourselves accountable and getting out of theory and into practice. You will be challenged and supported and there may be a ton of laughs or possibly tears – depends on the day.

Is it required to be on every call?

No. But while the Monthly trainings will be recorded, the Community Calls will not be recorded. I recommend that you make it to at least 1 Community Call a month – these are so rich and important as you move through this work.


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